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in colorado i knew where to get inspiration. when i was in my teens and twenties i would take the drive out parker road to franktown and turn right.  i’d hammer the gas up colorado highway 86.  i would stay in the gas up the skinny road until i reached the top of the hill.  i’d drop down into castle rock then head back to denver.  it was my favorite road.  i didn’t know back then that i would soon live less than a mile off that road, or that they would widen it and take some of the fun out of it.

anyway this script started with me finding inspiration.  whether it be creative or just motivation to stay on a path, i need to find it.  usually about once or twice a week to stay sane.  I spent 30+ years in colorado; i knew where to go.  austin is full of inspiration; i just need to find it.

today i took off the wife’s MINI and found some.  granted the soco area of austin is the place everyone goes for hip culture and other interesting things to look at, but I had to start somewhere.  i’m sure i took pictures of things that everyone takes pictures of, but whatever.  i’ll get less hip, and more remote as I spend more time here.  hope you enjoy.

austin – soco images

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