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finding local

the best and worst thing about being new to a community is you don’t know anything.  you don’t know where the good stuff is.  i find that adventurous.  arriving in the austin area we knew there was great food and great culture, but where?  where does one start?  sure the internet has a log of great data.  i have grown un-trusting of reviews.  plus where is the adventurous fun in search yelp from your couch?

we have finally began our search.  with most the other things that go along with moving a family of four behind us, it’s time to explore.

wednesday i found myself in the midst of a job / networking interview next to a little gray house that appeared to be a bakery.  i logged it in the internal map area of my brain and vowed to return.

yesterday I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon getting to know katie and her husband marcio.  they own Casa Costa Bake Shop, the little gray house at bagdad st &  w willis st in Leander.  i’m here again today blogging this.

katie is portuguese and her husband is brazilian.  That mix creates a fun coffee and bake shop experience.  if you find yourself living or visiting the northwest area of austin texas please stop in.

Casa Costa Bake Shop
201 Bagdad St
Leander, TX 78641

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