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in colorado i knew where to get inspiration. when i was in my teens and twenties i would take the drive out parker road to franktown and turn right.  i’d hammer the gas up colorado highway 86.  i would stay in the gas up the skinny road until i reached the top of the hill.  i’d drop down into castle rock then head back to denver.  it was my favorite road.  i didn’t know back then that i would soon live less than a mile off that road, or that they would widen it and take some of the fun out of it.

anyway this script started with me finding inspiration.  whether it be creative or just motivation to stay on a path, i need to find it.  usually about once or twice a week to stay sane.  I spent 30+ years in colorado; i knew where to go.  austin is full of inspiration; i just need to find it.

today i took off the wife’s MINI and found some.  granted the soco area of austin is the place everyone goes for hip culture and other interesting things to look at, but I had to start somewhere.  i’m sure i took pictures of things that everyone takes pictures of, but whatever.  i’ll get less hip, and more remote as I spend more time here.  hope you enjoy.

austin – soco images

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finding local

the best and worst thing about being new to a community is you don’t know anything.  you don’t know where the good stuff is.  i find that adventurous.  arriving in the austin area we knew there was great food and great culture, but where?  where does one start?  sure the internet has a log of great data.  i have grown un-trusting of reviews.  plus where is the adventurous fun in search yelp from your couch?

we have finally began our search.  with most the other things that go along with moving a family of four behind us, it’s time to explore.

wednesday i found myself in the midst of a job / networking interview next to a little gray house that appeared to be a bakery.  i logged it in the internal map area of my brain and vowed to return.

yesterday I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon getting to know katie and her husband marcio.  they own Casa Costa Bake Shop, the little gray house at bagdad st &  w willis st in Leander.  i’m here again today blogging this.

katie is portuguese and her husband is brazilian.  That mix creates a fun coffee and bake shop experience.  if you find yourself living or visiting the northwest area of austin texas please stop in.

Casa Costa Bake Shop
201 Bagdad St
Leander, TX 78641

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the distinguished gentleman’s ride

there are only a few days left.  support men’s prostate cancer awareness.  it is one of the most preventable forms of cancer.  awareness is key.  support me, support this cause.  i’ll be riding on sunday september 24th here in austin.

thanks to all of you who have already donated.


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this organization when I arrived in Austin. I’m very enthused that my road to helping others has been revitalized.


An idea came to me last night about 2am.  It called for the use of a font called “papyrus”. I immediately erased all thoughts about the idea and went back to sleep.

bitter or better

I must admit. I don’t always choose better. Time helps me understand what better actually looks like.  The key is knowing it’s your choice.


most of you reading this know that i have spent the last eleven years as an entrepreneur.   specifically the last seven have been brewing over with LostCoffee.  in a few weeks I will step away.  it will stay in Colorado, and will thrive.  a transaction will transfer my shares back to the company.   it seems uneventful that something as simple as a “transaction” can bring to a close something that has defined your public image for so long.  i’m more “ok” with it than i thought i would be.  the anxiety i have is about the future of my work.

i can’t sit still.  i will be working right away, but have no idea what.  where should i look?  where would i thrive?  what is in store for me?  I really have no idea where to start.


it’s time for a change.  i read somewhere once that we are not meant to live in one place forever…blah blah.  is that saying real?  maybe it’s a simple saying to help diehards deal with change.  change is enviable. life is easier if you learn to enjoy change.  i don’t want to give you the impression i’m never worried or stress about change. the challenge and problems change tosses at you make some feel valuable.  i’m one of those.

on to the details.  nicole got a promotion and the boys and i are joining her on this adventure.

our house in Castle Rock will hit the market sometime in May.  the sooner the better, from what the experts say.  all those “honey do” list items are now coming due.  we are fortunate to live a comfortable life.  while doing so we neglect the things around us until they become uncomfortable.  the last few weeks have been full of fixing those things.  new roofs, new paint, new tile, new showers, and new fixtures have filled my life.  the next owner of this home will be very lucky as were we 18 year go.  we have a brand me baby boy when we bought this home.  He will graduate from high school before we leave.  this home has seen good times, comfortable times are good time.

it’s hard to believe that in the next three to six months we will be living in a new home, going to new schools and working new jobs.  the boys will be fine.  they embrace change.  i said to Nicole the other day that our boy will most likely marry a texan now.  she roller her eyes.  it’s interesting and scary to think that we may have changed there lives forever.  when ones children are younger you think you have time to fix things you screw up.  i hope that is the path nicole and i are on is best for them, and us.

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we didn’t make the cut for the tv show, but I think we should have.  what do you think?